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5 Care To Have Young and Beautiful Skin

The skin is not only influenced by genetic factors, but also by environmental factors and lifestyle, and the place where you live and the behaviour you have with the skin can greatly affect your appearance.

There are behaviours that can greatly improve the health of the skin, leaving it more hydrated, luminous and with a younger appearance, which must be followed daily:

Protect your skin from the sun

Sunlight is the factor that has the most influence on skin ageing because ultraviolet rays have the ability to cause profound skin changes. Therefore, it is very important to apply sunscreen daily, preferably before leaving home and renew the application every 8 hours, in order to maintain protection throughout the day.


Learn how to choose the most suitable sunscreen for your skin.

Keep your skin clean

Cleansing the skin is a very important step in the care routine because it allows cell renewal to take place more efficiently, in addition to unclogging the pores and allowing better absorption of the active ingredients present in cosmetic products.

There is a wide variety of cleansing cosmetics, such as creamy emulsions, cleansing milk, micellar water or liquid soaps, which should be used according to the type of skin. Dry skins should not be cleaned with soap, and for oily skins, adapted products without oils should be chosen.

Always moisturize your skin

Hydrated skin keeps the skin protected from dehydration and the daily aggressions of the day. Even oily skins need to be hydrated, as they also lose water, the best moisturizers being non-greasy.

For sensitive skin, products with alcohol should be avoided. Take the test online to find out what your skin type is and see which products are best suited for you.

Take good care of the intestine

The skin must also be cared for from the inside out, as food has a great influence on the health of the skin. In addition, the health of the intestine also directly affects the skin, it is important to eat a diet low in fat and rich in fibre and natural foods, because it avoids constipation and other problems that can affect the intestine and, consequently, the skin. You can also include lactobacilli in your daily diets, such as yoghurt and Yakult, for example, as they benefit the intestinal flora.

In addition, drinking lots of water and eating a diet with foods rich in water and anti-oxidants is also a measure that helps to keep the skin hydrated and protected from premature ageing.

Exfoliate the skin

Exfoliating the skin is a very important step in accelerating cell renewal. This process helps to remove dirt and dead skin cells, in addition to stimulating collagen production and improving local circulation, also reducing skin blemishes.

Generally, exfoliants should be used once or twice a week, but there are already milder products that can be used daily.

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